Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Beegee Ouija"

Barry built a Ouija board to contact his dead brother outta bibles he planned and cut his board with procession using the crux of a grave stone and an axe he cut endlessly with the coordination filled him the reflex with darkness dark sludge and the witch in his dreams falling stairs Barry built a Ouija board to contact his dead brother Maurice his lost song chimes in church the church Barry Gibb Built with coordination and death in heart and the dark sludge smudging in the disco dredge where Barry built a Ouija board to contact his dead brother with the cross of existence to bare the death of disco taken into consideration the dark sludge Barry ate using rusty spoons Maurice lost in an Ocean Maurice a born to Isle of man Maurice The Quiet One held up to god held accountable to god speaking to Barry in the hallways whispers thru Ouija board

Monday, March 25, 2013

primordial soup

astonishingly I built a museum outta those big legos stood in it up to my nose together we picked the pieces of art to hang your #1 my #3 the replicators kick in the identical replicas churning it out the molecules fill up the erratic everything we leave out the selfish shit my drip painting and your smart phone's auto-tune app

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Springs new mess

and spring came with springs new mess and the new technology's came and the new technology's took away the money piled up the trash filled up our oceans while the forests burnt and we got all the things we wanted and got the things e needed and the earth got warmer and we all became video artists letting ppl know what we were doing always letting ppl know just where the fuck we were and we all missed the wars on tv watching our phones and we enjoyed our selves letting our children fly the drones from Las Vegas using hell fire hell raising death bringing weapons on other children and other ppl

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Field Trippz

Nature# boring# gay at park with bitches dam///////// Can we go home yet? hey bitch shits gay cool trees I guess. fAGZ ROLF lolz diz fieldtrip blows #fucktreez be cooolerr if i high nature#boring#gay #fagtree #dirt fuck

Friday, March 15, 2013

Talking to rock

A ragged fringe held bright blue Chicory away at an arms length I strolled again baffled on forest path you stood still on secret avenues life in cites now the chicory alone now a strange joy without me the ragged fringe tearing from paths tangled in flowers swept up in bright blue chicory again

Monday, March 11, 2013

Identifying things at dark

I wanna walk home from the bar and steal your flower pots in queer twinkling star light Without knowing it Without making it home With your burning porch light Lit you on wooden frames Leaves me Obsolete again Again In Meadows sick with moonlight Forgetting yesterdays everything Moonlight Pushing A Slow afternoons Everything Your flowers Falling asleep on Benadryl buried with Tatters of moonlight And Splinters of porch touching moon Light Splinters light Separating dream spells splits flowerpot into galaxies splitting galaxies into porch light my dream meadow holds bur oak or moon oak where we gather acorns in shattered pots together in tatters

Saturday, January 26, 2013

warm storm brings new gardens worries to light cool beer settles on girls smashed tomatoes where fields shape twists a friend torn between two places